In the Chromatogram window, the chromatogram doesn't display requested number of data points and peaks are deformed. What is wrong?

This may be caused by incorrectly set Peak Width parameter (PW). Peak Width parameter affects two things:

  • Peak detection algorithm, i.e. what will be considered as a peak, peak start and peak end position.
  • Sample bunching, i.e. how many samples will be summarized as one data point. It can be imagined as a very simple signal filter which makes the signal smoother. The formula is that approximately 30 data points is necessary for peak detection. So for instance if you set PW=1 min and Sampling rate is 100 Hz, each series of 200 points will be displayed as one point (60*100/30). Default value (0,1 min) corresponds to sample rates around 10 Hz, for higher sample rates it should be decreased.

As a remedy check the Peak Width parameters in Method Setup dialog.

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