A message "No data from acquisition for 10 sec" occurs. What does it mean?

The "No Data received for 10 sec" or "No data from Acquisition..." messages mean what they say, no data were received from a detector or convertor (Colibrick, U-PAD2, etc.) for a certain period of time. It may be caused by several cases:

1) In most cases, there is some problem on the computer - processor overload, interference on the USB bus, time consuming net search or backup operations blocking the communication for some time. The error invoked will cause stopping an acquisition or interrupting of the sequence.

Suspected programs are incorrectly set antivirus (continuous checking of file types used by Clarity during data acquisition - raw, prm, audit, tmp should be avoided), programs monitoring files on exchangeable media (i.e. programs for organizing and presenting of pictures, music or video, including some CD/DVD burning programs). One such persisting problem was reportedly solved by removing the Roxio Burning software.

This will occur more frequently on slow computers, the triggering action may be processor overload or some programs blocking the communication for extended period.

2) In some cases, Windows may suspend power of the USB HUB in the computer and this unexceptionally causes loss of connection to Colibrick or U-PAD2. Try to check the Device Manager dialog - Universal Serial Bus controllers. Display the Generic USB HUB Properties dialog - Power Management tab. Set Disabled for option Allow the computer to turn off this device to safe power. In case the problem is temporary, sending of the method again may solve the problem. If not, disconnect and reconnect the USB HUB.

The above mentioned problem with communication with Colibrick/ U-PAD2 was not observed when the USB hub is connected to the USB C connector on the PC.

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