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This chapter describes the commands of the Instrument window - the fundamental window for chromatogram measurement and evaluation.

To open or display an Instrument window, invoke the command Login to Instrument from the Instruments submenu or click on corresponding icon in the main Clarity window. The Instrument name is taken from the configuration, where you can set it (for more details see also chapter Right section of System Configuration dialog). The station allows for up to four Instrument windows to be displayed at one time. The number of displayed Instruments may exceed the number of Instruments actually purchased, but the excess Instruments may not be used for data acquisition.


Users commonly utilize these so called Offline Instruments for method development or evaluation of already measured analyses.

The Instrument window displays a logical sequence of operations and commands necessary for the comprehensive processing of an analysis with icons. This simplified workflow consists of navigation icons and starts from method preparation, sample injection, through data acquisition until evaluation of chromatograms. Each Instrument has a different colour of the header to easily distinguish between them.

Simplified workflow

Icon Name of Window Description
Method Setup

Open Method Setup dialog to create a new method or modify existing.


Method Setup dialog remembers and opens previously opened method on the last closed tab.

Single Analysis Open Single Analysis dialog to set specific parameters related to the measurement.
Sequence Open Sequence window to prepare or measure multiple samples using sequence table.
Device Monitor Open Device Monitor window to display parameters of directly controlled chromatograph and other controlled instrumentation.
Data Acquisition Open Data Acquisition window to display signals from detectors.
Chromatogram Open Chromatogram window to evaluate measured data.
Calibration Open Calibration window to create a calibration which is then used for data evaluation.


In Tablet Mode, when general scale in Windows is higher then 100 %, workflow icons are devided into two rows to remain easy touchable.

Click on any area of the image below to get relevant information


Analysis status

In addition to the menu and the navigation icons the Instrument window contains Analysis status line providing information about state of the instrument such as elapsed time during a Running analysis or sequence and current measurement status. Status line also contains acquisition control buttons that change dynamically depending upon the possible action:

Analysis statuses

  • Send Method: sends method that is selected in the Single Analysis dialog to connected hardware.
  • Run Sequence: starts measuring of sequence opened in the Sequence window.
  • Stop Acquisition: stops running acquisition.
  • Abort Acquisition: immediately aborts running acquisition.


In Tablet Mode, when general scale in Windows is higher then 100 %, analysis status line is devided into two rows to remain legible.

Information table

Below the status line is the information table which provides information about currently running analysis.

Status Displays complementary information to the status displayed above it.
Sent Method Displays which method was sent to the instrument and thus will (once the analysis is started) or is being used for the current acquisition.
Analysis Mode Displays information what mode is running, whether Single Analysis or Sequence (in case of sequence it displays the name).
Chromatogram Displays the name of the resulting chromatogram.
Injection Displays information about Row, Vial and Injection. In Single Analysis mode, the number of information will be limited.
Sample Displays name of the Sample (as it was inserted).
Sample ID Displays name of the Sample ID (as it was inserted).


The information table can be hidden using the small arrow below the status line. To view the hidden table, simply click the arrow again.


When analysis is not running only Status and Sent Method fields are displayed, the rest is hidden.

Instrument Ready

Project and user

The lower end of the Instrument window displays the information on how to invoke the context help and the information on the Project opened and the name of the User who is logged to the Instrument.


Instrument window is resizable in both the horizontal and vertical directions:

  • In the horizontal and vertical direction in can be resized by clicking and dragging the left/right or top/bottom window edge - release it when desired size is achieved.
  • Moreover, in the vertical direction it can be achieved by clicking the small arrow button that separates the Status bar from the Information Table which either displays or hides the Information Table.


In Tablet mode, Instrument window cannot be fully maximized. Its width can be expanded up to a maximum of 50% of the monitor width.

Vertically resized Instrument window