OEM Offer

OEM Offer

We offer the unique opportunity to acquire a chromatography station according to your specific requirements. Your product will be delivered promptly on easy terms and with flexible cooperation from our experienced staff.

We offer several options for the modification of DataApex Clarity chromatographic stations. These options range from the simple incorporation of your company name and logo into the Clarity software, all the way up to customizing the entire software to match your specific purposes (Polarography, Electrochemistry, etc.).

Just a glimpse at our extensive list of controlled instruments is enough to determine that DataApex really does put strong emphasis on the development of control modules for all components of our chromatographic stations (GC, pumps, AS, independent detectors). In most cases, this kind of development is free of charge when a guaranteed (through partial pre-payment) and agreed upon volume of chromatography stations are purchased.

You can download Clarity OEM presentation here

There is also Clarity SDK to provide our OEM Partners with environment for development of custom Control Modules.

See more information about Clarity SDK

At present there are at 13 chromatographic instrument manufacturers who resell privately labeled versions of DataApex products.

If you are interested in OEM cooperation please contact us at salesatdataapex.com.

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