Business opportunities

DataApex is currently interested in business cooperation in field of distribution of DataApex products, OEM and SDK developement.

business-opportunities.jpgApart from this we are constantly looking for partners (such as beta-testers) who are willing to be involved in the testing and improvement of our software products. The scale of cooperation varies from occasional involvement in the Clarity Forum to beta-testing of rare configurations and even regular cooperation as an external consultant.

If you are interested in any of the above mentioned cooperations, feel free to contact us and discuss further possibilities.

Distribution of our products

DataApex's vision is to preferentially sell Clarity Chromatography SW through competent and involved distribution channels. DataApex provides its partners with full technical support including free training and sales literature (Brochures, Manuals, Clarity Demo USB installation media, etc.).

Learn more on distribution possibilities.

OEM Cooperation

DataApex offers modified OEM versions of the chromatography stations. The range of modifications includes adding a distinctive name and logo to the modified set of available features.

Learn more about OEM options.

SDK Control Module Development

DataApex supplies a Clarity Software Development Kit (SDK) for developing custom Control modules for direct control of chromatography devices (GC, LC, AS, Detectors, Valves, etc.). Purchase of the Clarity SDK also includes full technical support. With the Clarity SDK users can independently supply custom modules or can make it part of the standard Clarity installation.

Learn more about Clarity SDK options.

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