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Changes in version 2.6.6 (22.1.2009)

*New: Young Lin drivers were updated CswYL6100.dll, CswYL9120.dll , CswYL9160.dll
*New: AS Control: Shimadzu SIL-20Axr/ACxr available for testing
*New: LC Control: Shimadzu LC-20ADxr available for testing
*New: AS Control: Shimadzu SIL-10AF available for testing
*New: LC Control: Shimadzu LC-20AB binary pump available for testing
*New: Sequence - the range of acceptable vial numbers was increased from 999 to 99999
*New: AS Control: Shimadzu SIL 20AC including RackChanger and SIL-HTA available for testing
*New: Knauer control modules - new driver version including S-2550 detector
#Fixed Bug: DET Control: Antec Leyden Decade II - fixed bug in the pulsed method parameters sending
#Fixed Bug: DET Control: Antec Leyden Decade II - fixed bug with missing datapoints in data acquisition
#Fixed Bug: DET Control: Shimadzu RID-10Avp - fixed problem with a reference cell valve

Changes in version 2.6.5 (7.11.2008)

*New: DET: New control module for Softa ELSD detectors - available for testing
*New: LC Control: New control modules for Young-Lin 9100 HPLC (developed by Young-LIN)
*New: GC Control: New control modules for Young Lin 6100 GC (developed by Young Lin)
*New: GC Control: New control module for CSI series 300 Fast GC is available for testing. Code for unlocking the communication in GC has to be obtained from CSI.
*New: LC Control: manual changes to auxiliary pumps (start/stop, flow, ...) are automatically logged.
*New: AS Control: Spark Midas - in the MIX table it is possible to define destination vial relative to the sample
*New: LC Control: The Knauer module drivers were updated to version
*New: LC Control: Thermo Rheos Series Pump driver was updated to version
#Fixed Bug: LC Control: For proper communication with Shimadzu controllers, the file cbmocx.ini was moved to the Windows installation directory. For existing Shimadzu LC-10/20 system Clarity installations it is necessary to change the communication settings on the controller (Enhanced for SCL-10Avp, ClassVP for CBM-20A and CBM-20Alite)
#Fixed Bug: LC Control: Shimadzu LC-10/20 system - RF-10Axl problems with the wavelength settings in the time program
#Fixed Bug: GC Control: Agilent 68xx - the validity of column parameters is now checked in the Method Setup dialog
#Fixed Bug: GC Control: 68xx GC - a bug in communication, causing occasional communication errors
#Fixed Bug: Audit trail - word wrap implemented for printing
#Fixed Bug: LC Control: The Range for SPD-M10Avp detector signals was increased to 5000 mAU
#Fixed Bug: AS Control: HTA 200HT sampler - the Electro Valve Flush Time [min] in Clarity Setup Method was displayed 10x lower then it was set in the sampler (i.e. for 1 min set the real time was 10 min)
#Fixed Bug: Fixed bug in User columns calculations
#Fixed Bug: Result Table user columns - the Efficiency/length column was displayed incorrectly

Changes in version 2.6.4 (26.6.2008)

*New: LC Control: new control module for Hitachi - L-6200 pump - available for testing
*New: LC Control: Shimadzu LC-10/20 system control - support for SPD-M20A - available for testing
*New: LC Control: Shimadzu LC-10/20 system control - support for SIL-10Axl - available for testing
*New: LC Control: Control for Rheodyne Valve MX II series (USB) - available for testing
*New: Control: New Auxiliary Digital Input Module (DIM) enables to use the DIgital Input Device (p/n DID01) connected to a COM port to provide two digital inputs in Clarity.
*New: LC Control: Shimadzu LC-10/20 system control - option to check detector cell and AS cooler temperatures as condition for system ready. New checkbox, the temperatures are checked after sending method to be within +/- 1.5 C for the system to be Ready.
*New: LC Control: Valve - modified options in the Method Setup Event table suitable for fraction collectors. The Output field offers a list box with options Position and Next. For the Position, a position within the available range should be entered. For the Next, the next available position will be used.
*New: Extensions - GPC: Import chromatogram -the imported chromatograms will have the Alpha nad K parameters set according to the setting in the Single Analysis dialog.
*New: AS Control: Spark Triathlon, Endurance - new option to assign the digital Start IN input to the autosampler in the System Configuration dialog - Acquisition Card field.
*New: LC Control: LabAlliance 605 Column Oven - LC UNI thermostat script - available for testing
*New: AS Control: AS Spark Triathlon - Method Setup dialog - User or Mix method - new option for setting destination vial relative to sample vial
*New: LC Control: Ecom pump - actualized UNI LC Pump driver profiles
*New: LC Control: Analytical Technologies - UNI LC pump driver profiles for ALC 2010, 2100 and ColumWash pumps
*New: LC Control: HTA HT300L and LV samplers - the synchronisation by the external ready signal was disabled for those models (the synchronisation wire is not necessary anymore)
#Fixed Bug: AS Control: HTA As300 and HT200 - Method parameters validation: if you are using sampler's ISTD then upgrade firmware 3.21 or newer otherwise Clarity will check method differently from the sampler.
#Fixed Bug: Control: Decade II detector - the default configuration (digital inputs) was changed
#Fixed Bug: AS Control: Spark Triathlon - minor amendment in the Method Setup - AS dialog - Wash Options
#Fixed Bug: AS Control: Spark Triathlon - problems during sequence mode
#Fixed Bug: AS Control: Spark Marathon - check for valid injection volume for partial loop method (from version
#Fixed Bug: Export of user columns in Result table
#Fixed Bug: AS Control: in prep ahead/sequence mode - wrong vials could be used after sequence interuption
#Fixed Bug: LC Control: Agilent 1100 detectors - problem in redrawing the Method Setup - LC dialog during downloading time table from detector
#Fixed Bug: Hardvare: INT9 - fixed bug in a system driver (since version - closing a Clarity instrument caused data acquisition interruption on other running instruments
#Fixed Bug: Control: Knauer drivers updated to version

Changes in version 2.6.3 (12.3.2008)

*New: AS Control - Spark Holland Triathlon - new tab with graphical tray display was added to Method Setup - AS Control dialog
*New: Driver for MultiCOM, an USB-RS232 converter device, has is now available in the Clarity installation. It has to be enabled in the "Custom Installation", section "Utils".
*New: AS Control - Spark Holland Triathlon: User service commands were added to the Device Monitor
#Fixed Bug: AS Control - Spark Holland Midas, Endurance, Triathlon - incorrect Injection Volume Range message during sequence check for Full loop injection mode
#Fixed Bug: GC Control - Agilent GC6890: false message "Detector is not acquiring data"
#Fixed Bug: AS Control - Spark Holland Triathlon: User method could not be combined with other method types. Method Setup tabs were rearranged and verifications implemented to prevent invalid combinations.
#Fixed Bug: AS Control - Spark Holland Triathlon: The configured tray segments are displayed in the Hardware Configuration dialog (accessible from the Method Setup - AS Control dialog, using the AS Status button)
#Fixed Bug: GC Control - Agilent 5890: Digital data acquisition, since version 2.5.6 - a bug in sending the correct Sample Rate to the GC may have resulted in errorneous time axis in measured chromatograms
#Fixed Bug: AS Control - Spark Holland Triathlon: for a Full Loop injecton mode the sequence check requires that the Injection Volume equals to the Loop Size to prevent erratic calculations.
#Fixed Bug: AS Control - Spark Holland Midas: fixed bug in the Mix table (Method Setup - Mix & Calibration dialog)
#Fixed Bug: AS Control - Spark Holland Triathlon and Endurance: The Injection Volume check for µl Pick Up injection mode was corrected. Method Setup tabs were rearranged to enable proper control.

Changes in version (18.12.2007)

service release (not any feature changes)

Changes in version (6.12.2007)

*New: Calibration: new option "Show recalibration points" was added into Graph Properties to display recalibration points in a calibration curve graph.
*New: Chromatogram: new field “Chromatogram Comments” was added to the Measurement tab in the Chromatogram window. It serves for notes concerning the chromatogram and its content can be printed in the report below the Result tables. This field is stored within the chromatogram file.
Report Setup: new Chromatogram Comments checkbox for printing of the comments was added to the Report Setup – Results tab.
*New: Clarity DEMO: new demo data, the demo now better illustrates the suggested workflow and available features.
*New: AS Control - Spark Holland Midas and Marathon: the status of these Spark autosamplers is now displayed in the Device Monitor.
*New: LC Control: Agilent 1100 pump state is now displayed in the Device Monitor.
*New: AS Control - HTA samplers: the status of HTA samplers is now displayed in the Device Monitor.
*New: Help: the help files format was changed from *.hlp to *.chm for compatibility with Windows Vista.
*New: Audit trail: triggering the Stop Flow button/command from the Device monitor is now recorded in the Audit Trail.
*New: Chromatogram - Results table: the parameters from Performance table are now available as columns in the Result table (they are hidden by default).
*New: Single Analysis: the time variables in the chromatogram name (%T, %R etc.) reflect the start of analysis instead of end in Single run mode to unify the behaviour with a Sequence mode.
*New: AS Control: new CTC PAL driver is now able to control larger number of CTC autosampler types (including former CTC GC PAL).
*New: Audit trail: changes to the chromatogram header entries (Sample ID, Sample, Amount, Inj. Volume, ISTD Amount, Dilution) are recorded in the Station or Chromatogram Audit trails (when the corresponding Intergration Table checkbox in in the Audit Trail Settings - Chromatogram dialog is checked).
*New: Sequence: chromatograms can now be stored in subfolders of the project data directory, the subfolder must already exist before use.
*New: Data Acquisition: new option to set display ranges individually for different signals when the "Common for All Signals" checkbox is unchecked was added to the Data Acquisition window.
*New: Chromatogram: an option to define units for user defined columns in the Result and Summary tables was added.
*New: Data Acquisition: auxiliary signals can now be displayed in the graph of the Data Acquisition window.
*New: Configuration: new device type Auxiliary (reserved for future use) was added to the Setup Control Modules list.
*New: Clarity: New "Options" dialog (accessed from Clarity window using the System - Options... command) contains "Enable chromatogram files overwriting" checkbox. When unchecked, the Save and Save As commands will not allow to overwrite existing chromatogram file. Automatic saving will in such case modify the filename to make it unique.
*New: Report Setup - Calibration dialog: new "Calibration history" checkbox enables to print the history of recalibrations - the report can include Compounds and Levels, both either Current, Valid or All.
*New: LC Control - Fraction Collector: in the Data Acquisition window, the actual Fraction delay for the FC GP control module is displayed by vertical line.
*New: Data Acquisition: new Overlay toolbar was added to the Data Acquisition window to enable signal switching. When updating from previous versions of Clarity, the Reset All command from context menu has to be performed to display it.
*New: Directories dialog: when a new directory is created, files from the default Common folder will be copied to the Common folder in the new structure.

*New: Hardware key: RkNDUSB (Rockey 4 ND) hardware key is newly supported

*New: Control: when a not communicating device is detected during instrument opening, the communication with other devices will not be tested.
*New: AS control - CTC-PAL: new option Prep. Ahead was added to the Setup Configuration dialog enabling a prepartion of next sample during the previous run.
*New: AS Control - Spark Holland Midas, Endurance and Triathlon samplers: new option "Sequence Mode" is added into the Spark Autosampler Setup dialog. It enables correct performing of the washes set for injection/vial/step. When not checked, each injection is sent to the sampler as individual step.
*New: Command line: command line parameter prm_import_ex creates the name of the imported chromatogram from the name of the source file.
*New: LC Control: new Shimadzu LC-10/20 system control module (requiring the system controler) is now available.
*New: AS Control: Spark Holland Endurance control module was replaced with a new one.
*New: LC Control: detector control module for a new device - Antec Leyden Decade II - is now available.
*New: LC Control: Bischoff 2250 pump module was replaced with a new version.
#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram - Export: the export from the Result table now correctly exports User defined columns when not in the "In Fixed Format" mode.
#Fixed Bug: Chromatogram - Overlay: the signal range for mathematical operations (move) was increased from 10000 to 100000 mV (or default units respectively).
#Fixed Bug: Print report: the bug causing the Logarithmic axes setting to be ignored when printing from Sequence window was repaired.
#Fixed Bug: LC Control: it is now possible to configure up to 4 Agilent 1100 systems using LAN control on Clarity station.
#Fixed Bug: Print report: Noise and Drift parametres of the Result table were not printed in Clarity version 2.5.6.
#Fixed Bug: Report Setup - Page setup: it is now possible to set the Header font, including the font color.
#Fixed Bug: Extensions - GPC: the units displayed for K (dL/g *10^3) were corrected to dL/g *10^5.
#Fixed Bug: AS Control - CTC A200S: incorrect sending of certain injection parameters was amended.
#Fixed Bug: Print Report - Method: integration table parameters incorrect formating in the report was repaired.
#Fixed Bug: LC Control - gradient table: Gradient table authomatically sorts itself by time after time value change was performed on any row.
#Fixed Bug: GC Control: updating of values during the analysis in the Device Monitor for DANI 1000 GC.
#Fixed Bug: Report Setup: the Save button was removed. When the report is modified and the user hits Cancel button, Clarity will prompt for saving the changes. Changes are saved automatically after pressing OK.
#Fixed Bug: Calibration: the "Add Existing" command in Calibration mode now correctly increments the current level.
#Fixed Bug: Control: The Ready Out signal worked incorrectly in case a digital output was activated on the same device at time 0 from the Event table.

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