MS Windows shortcuts:


Applies or implements the selected command. The command that has been selected will be highlighted in the menu; in a dialog the borderline of the button will be emphasized by a continuous or broken line).

From the menu the required command can be selected using the cursor keys, and from a window using the Tab key.


In a dialog, the Esc key substitutes for the Cancel key and will close a dialog without saving the changes.

Hides an expanded menu.


Gradual selection of commands, parameters, edit lines and buttons in the active window. A selection is usually completed using the Enter key.

Space bar

Rapidly switches between selected parameters by checking or unchecking them.


Selects the first menu item.

Alt + letter

Rapidly selects a command or parameter that has the selected letter underscored.

Clarity shortcuts:

Shortcut Command from menu Description Validity
F1 Help Open new Help window Everywhere
F2 Edit Enter into edit mode of the selected cell
Ctrl + N New file Create a new file
Ctrl + A   Select all items in the list/table
Ctrl + O Open Open file
Ctrl + S Save Save file
Ctrl + Shift + S Save As... Save file as
Ctrl + W Close Close current file
Ctrl + Shift + W Close All Close all opened files
Ctrl + P Print Print
Ctrl + X Cut Cut selected values
Ctrl + C Copy Copy selected values
Ctrl + V Paste Insert from clipboard
Ctrl + Z Undo Cancel the last command Tables
Ctrl + Shift + Z Redo Repeat the last command
Ctrl + I Paste Insert Insert and create lines
Delete   Erase the table field
Alt +    Work when cell contains , the shortcut opens corresponding options.
Ctrl + E Automatic export of data from Chromatogram window according to settings in Export Data dialog Chromatogram
(Ctrl) + F7 (First) Previous Browse through chromatograms: open the previous (fist) chromatogram from the current directory.
(Ctrl) + F8 (Last) Next Browse through chromatograms: open the next (last) chromatogram from the current directory.
Ctrl + - Previous Zoom Display the previous cut-out Chromatogram
Data Acquisition
Ctrl + + Next Zoom Display the next cut-out
Shift + Mouse wheel   Move the cut-out Left & Right
Mouse wheel   Move the cut-out Up & Down
Ctrl + Mouse wheel   Zoom In/Out
+ Zoom In Enlarge graph
- Zoom Out Reduce graph
Ctrl + Shift + Mouse wheel   Enlarge/reduce the cut-out of the chromatogram in the dimension of the Y-axis only
Ctrl + * Unzoom Display graph in original size
Ctrl + R Run Single Start an analysis Data Acquisition
Ctrl + Q Start, Run Sequence Start a sequence Sequence
Data Acquisition
Ctrl + Space bar Pause / Resume Pause a sequence / Resume running of a set sequence
Ctrl + B Abort Immediately terminate a sequence
Ctrl + H Snapshot Process the sample currently being measured without terminating the analysis
Ctrl + T Stop Terminate a sequence after the completion of a sample measurement
Ctrl +  Skip Skip the current sample Sequence
Ctrl +  Repeat Injection Repeat an injection from the current vial
Ctrl + E Reset Status (Status) Reset the flags in the Status column