Local Audit Trails

Besides the events logged in the global audit trail, the Clarity station may also log all operations with chromatograms, calibrations and sequences. The audit trail always forms the integral part of a given file. A list of logged operations is selectable using the View - Properties command either from the global Audit Trail window on the relevant tab or by using the same command directly in window of corresponding local audit trail.

Chromatogram Audit Trail

The audit trail of the active chromatogram can be displayed using the Window - Chromatogram Audit Trail command from Chromatogram window.

Chromatogram Audit Trail also keeps log of errors that occurred during its acquisition (Pump Errors, missing spectra, etc.)

Calibration Audit Trail

An opened calibration log can be displayed using Window - Calibration Audit Trail command from Calibration window.

Sequence Audit Trail

An opened sequence log can be displayed using the Window - Sequence Audit Trail command from Sequence window. The sequence audit trail is reset when the sequence itself is reset.

Method Audit Trail

An opened method log can be displayed using the Audit Trail button from the Method Setup dialog.