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Audit Trail

Audit Trail window is used for logging of individual operations of the station. By allowing backward control of all performed operations, including information about who and when it was performed, the logging of operations supports higher reliability and repeatability of results in the means of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) rules.

Audit Trail - Session

Audit Trail window is accessible from the main Clarity window via System - Audit Trail command or from all other station windows using Window - Station Audit Trail command. Other windows, such as Calibration or Chromatogram, have their own Local Audit Trails.

Clarity station keeps three tables with logs of operations. Each of them corresponds to one tab in Audit Trail window - these are Session audit trail, Daily Audit Trail and Global.

Session Audit Trail

The audit trail logs changes from the time the station was started until the station is turned off.

Daily Audit Trail

The audit trail logs changes for each day the station was turned on.

Global Audit Trail

This audit trail is mainly for regulated environment as it keeps track about each station start, users logging to instruments, creating of daily audit trails and other important settings and file changes. Logging to this audit trail can't be turned off.

Audit Trail files for Session and Daily Audit Trail are stored in YYYY-MM-DD.AUDIT file in the C:\CLARITY\CFG\Audit_Trails directory, the files for Global audit trail are stored YYYY-MM-DD_global.AUDIT file in the C:\CLARITY\CFG\Audit_Trails\Global directory.

By default, all operations are logged in the language Clarity is currently switched to.


To display column Description in English, right mouse click in the Audit Trail, choose Setup Columns and show Description EN column. To show column Area in English, perform similar steps as before but show the Area EN column.

Audit Trail Columns

Column Name Description
OK Symbolizes the validity of the row.
Time Displays time-stamp of the logged operation.
Type Symbolizes the type of the logged operation.
Analyst Displays the name of the Clarity user who performed the operation.
Instrument Displays the name of the Instrument where the operation appeared.
Area Displays the area (domain) of the logged operation - brief information about the location of the logged operation.
Description Displays a detailed description of what has happened. Logs previous value and new value, if applicable.
User Displays the name of the computer user.
Computer Displays the name of the computer.

Displays general information about the station.

Text in the Info column of the Audit Trail such as Clarity FULL, SN: 11-12345 can be more easily understood using guidance given below.

  • Clarity stands for Clarity version number
  • FULL stands for type of version, other possible texts are OFFLINE in case of offline version and DEMO in case of demo version
  • SN: 11-12345 stands for serial number station of the station.
  • Note:

    In versions of Clarity prior version 8.0 the Info column used different formatting. The description of this column for previous versions of Clarity follows.

    Text in the Info column of the Audit Trail such as Ver:, Demo: 0, SN: 11-12345 can be more easily understood using guidance given below.

  • Ver - version of Clarity
  • Demo - possible values are 0, 1 and 2
  • 0 - Full mode (Clarity)
  • 1 - Evaluation mode (Clarity OFFLINE)
  • 2 - Demo mode (Clarity DEMO)
  • SN: - serial number of the station
  • In Clarity versions prior to 6.0, additional possible values of 3-10 indicated Forced DEMO mode. Since version 6.0, Clarity will not start instead.