An entry point to commands for modifying chromatograms and copying methods.

  Calculation Displays the parameters of chromatographic results calculation.
  Integration Displays integration parameters.
  Measurement Displays the conditions under which the chromatogram was created.
  Save as Template… The command saves the method used for the measurement of active chromatogram as template method, i.e., a method that can be used in the Instrument window for other analyses. Invoking the command displays the Save As dialog, where the name of the new template method should be specified. By default, template methods will be stored to the current project directory, but the path can also be changed.
The method is a component of the chromatogram file (files with the *.PRM suffix ). The template method will be stored in a separate file with the *.MET suffix.
Set Model Marks the method of an active chromatogram as model method. In case the chromatogram is opened in a version which is not the latest one, the given historical method version will be set as model. Any model method can be copied to another chromatogram by the Copy from Model command.

The model method selection is valid until the Chromatogram window is closed or another model method is selected by the Set Model command.

Integration Table is part of method, therefore contents of the Integration Table will be set as model as well.

Copy from Model Copies a Model Method to another chromatogram. Prior to invoking the command a method must have been marked as model method by the Set Model Method command. The model method can then be applied on any chromatogram opened in the Chromatogram window by using the Copy from Model command.

Integration Table from the Model method will be copied into the Integration Table of the active chromatogram.

  Copy from Template Method… Copies Template Method into active chromatogram.

Use this command to invoke the Open Method dialog (described in the chapter "Open Dialog (Sequence, Chromatogram, Calibration, Method)", which will display a list of all Template Methods from current project.

  Copy from Chromatogram… Copies the method from a selected chromatogram to active chromatogram.

Use this command to open the Open Chromatogram dialog (described in the chapter "Open Dialog (Sequence, Chromatogram, Calibration, Method)", in which you can select the required chromatogram.