Send Report by E-Mail

Sends the information on the state of the Clarity workstation to the user help desk of DataApex. Use this command in the case that you have problems with the functionality of the Clarity workstation. The command creates a new e-mail message addressed to our technical support.

E-mail message with information about Clarity

In the appendices are the SYSTEMINFO.TXT, BADTRACE.TXT files, current desktop, current configuration and two last files of the station audit trail. All these files contain information describing the state of the Clarity workstation at the time when the problem(s) occurred.


The SYSTEMINFO.TXT and BADTRACE.TXT files can be found in the CLARITY installation group (implicitly C:\Clarity\Cfg). The content of the SYSTEMINFO.TXT file is also displayed in the About - System dialog. You may read through the files of the log in the Audit Trail window by using the Open command.

Should the work with the Clarity workstation have been terminated improperly, an offer to send an e-mail with the error description will automatically be displayed on the next start up. The data will be send under no circumstances until you approve it.


You can deactivate the automatic offer to send the error description by checking the Send Reports About Unsuccessfully Finished Sessions checkbox on the General tab of the User Options dialog.