Tour through the Clarity station

The following two sections will guide you step by step on how to perform a single analysis (the chapter "Running the Single Analysis") and a sequence measurement (the chapter "Running the Sequence measurement"). They are shown as a succession of steps which should be performed in a given order. Some sections may be skipped, as their output files have been included already as examples. You will be informed about it in those sections. Also the whole process has Note sections - the procedures described in the Notes are optional and you do not need to perform them in order to reach the goal.

The Clarity software is intuitive and easy to master without much training. The first analysis can be run in less than one minute after installing the station and configuring the hardware.

This tour assumes that the station is in its default configuration and that nothing has been modified in the demo projects. It is possible to test the Clarity functions on other projects, of course, but the files mentioned in this guide will not be present.


Although this is only a tour of the station aimed at Clarity beginners, it assumes users have a basic knowledge specific to chromatography principles and basic processes such as calibration.


When in doubts, pressing the F1 or Help button shows help page concerning the specific window or dialog. In the invoked help, the Index tab serves for keywords searching, whereas the Search tab serves for fulltext searching.