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Agilent 1200 ICF

Direct control of Agilent 1100, 1120, 1200, 1220, 1260 Infinity, 1260 Infinity II and 1290 Infinity II HPLC components using the Agilent ICF (Instrument Control Framework) tools developed by the Agilent company. The Clarity Chromatography Station allows for direct control of selected Agilent components, enabling Clarity to provide integrated instrument control and to ensure complete automation for laboratories. The control module includes parameters for the HPLC pumps, column ovens, detectors (including PDA), autosamplers, etc. A dedicated PDA Extension enables the evaluation of data from PDA systems.


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Agilent HPLC Control
Controlled devices The Agilent ICF HPLC control module is compatible with selected components of Agilent 1100, 1120, 1200, 1220, 1260 and 1290 HPLC systems suppoorted by the Agilent ICF. Exact list of controlled components is shown in the table below.

Communication interface LAN

Data acquisition interface Digital Data Acquisition

Purchasing LC Control (p/n A24)
AS Control (p/n A26) - optional
PDA Extension (p/n A29) - optional

Related products Clarity (p/n C50)

Cable Cross LAN (p/n SK08)


List of controlled subdevices of the Agilent ICF control module. Please note that the portfolio of components widens with further releases of newer Agilent ICF versions, see Agilent website for up-to-date list.
Agilent 1120 systems G4286A, G4287A, G4288A, G4289A, G4290A

Agilent 1220 systems 1220 LC (G4286B, G4287B, G4288B, G4289B, G4290B, G4291B, G4292B, G4293B), 1220 VL (G4286C, G4287C, G4288C, G4289C, G4290C, G4291C, G4292C, G4293C, G4294B)

Pumps Isocratic (G1310A, G1310B, G1361A, G7110B), Binary (G1312A, G1312B, G1312C, G1376A, G2226A, G4220A, G4220B, G4302A, G4782A, G7112B, G7120A, G7132A, G7161A, G7161B), Quaternary (G1311A, G1311B, G1311C, G4204A, G5611A, G5654A, G7104A, G7104C, G7111A, G7111B), all including selected pump valve clusters

Detectors ELSD (G4218A, G4260A, G4260B, G4261A, G4261B, G7102A), FLD (G1321A, G1321B, G1321C, G7121A, G7121B), MWD (G1365A, G1365B, G1365C, G1365D, G7165A), RID (G1362A, G7162A, G7162B), VWD (G1314A, G1314B, G1314C, G1314D, G1314E, G1314F, G7114A, G7114B)

PDA Detectors DAD (G1315A, G1315B, G1315C, G1315D, G4212A, G4212B, G7115A, G7117A, G7117B, G7117C), FLD (G1321A, G1321B, G1321C, G7121A, G7121B)

Autosamplers G1313A, G1327A, G1329A, G1329B, G1367A, G1367B, G1367C, G1367D, G1367E, G1368A, G1377A, G1378A, G1389A, G2258A, G2260A, G4226A, G4227A, G4303A, G4767A, G5667A, G5668A, G7129A, G7129B, G7129C, G7137A, G7157A, G7158B, G7167A, G7167B, all including thermostat (G1330A, G1330B)

Column Ovens G1316A, G1316B, G1316C, G7116A, G7116B, G7130A

Fraction Controllers G1364A, G1364B, G1364C, G1364D, G1364E, G1364F, G5664A, G5664B, G7159B, G7166A

Valves G1156A, G1157A, G1158A, G1158B, G1159A, G1160A, G1162A, G1163A, G1170A, G4243A, G7170B, G9322A

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