Clarity UNI Ruby - Installation and Development

Main Features


Most of UNI Ruby components are installed in standard Clarity installation as UNI Ruby is used for production projects. Only additional thing to install is Ruby script editor. During installation check Utils -> Notepad++ and editor is installed along with plugin integrating it with Clarity CDS.


How to start

You can start from Notepad++ where (assuming default installation location) you can press Ctrl+Shift+F2 to open first page of UNI Ruby documentation. It describes how to specify items to be visible on devices Monitor page, Method property page and Configuration, how to establish communication with device, etc. Documentation links to Ruby scripts to show how particular feature is implemented in some example or production project. When you install to different than default location you might need to configure Notepad++ plug in by clicking Notepad++ menu Plugins->UNI Ruby Plugin->Configuration. When you open UNI Ruby script file in Notepad++ you can get documentation of function by placing cursor on its name and pressing Ctrl+Shif+F1. Another feature is syntax check by Ctrl+Shift+F7.

Ruby file is configured into Clarity CDS in Clarity -> Configuration, where it is possible to add UNI Ruby control module. From it's configuration window  Ruby script file name can be specified.

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