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SST Results in Chromatogram window

SST in Chromatogram window

The SST Extension enables to monitor the parameters of individual substances and thus to evaluate the reproducibility of the results of the entire chromatography system.

SST Method - Parameters

SST Parameters

The program compares up to 12 selected parameters (e.g. retention time, efficiency, asymmetry of peaks) calculated according to one of three pre-selected methods (USP, EP, JP).

SST Method - Subparameters

SST Subparameters

The selected parameters can be controlled against Lower and Upper Limits or checked whether all the results fit into defined standard deviation range.

The limits can be checked against values from individual chromatograms - suitable for online monitoring of the individual samples or to the Mean of a set of samples - used for Validation of the chromatography system.

SST Method - Events

SST Parameters

The SST can fire specified events such Stopping the running Sequence or running an external program (e.g. sending a predefined Email to Administrator) depending on the SST Results.


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