SST Extension - Main features

Main features The SST Extension serves to monitor the correct function of the chromatography system.


The program compares up to 12 selected parameters (e.g. retention time, efficiency, asymmetry of peaks) calculated according to one of three pre-selected methods (USP, EP, JP).

Limit values

These calculated values are compared to user set limit values, either for each chromatogram separately or together for the selected series. Deviation of a certain parameter from the permissible limits is immediately reported and may lead to the termination of the sequence in progress.


Even though validation primarily focuses on testing system reliability, it can also be used in many other ways. Validation can be run during measurements, or additionally, using batch processing. Validated data can be automatically saved to a database file for further processing.

Enhanced sequencing

In connection with a sequence, the SST module can even pause a sequence when a specified value has been exceeded or to perform predefined functions.
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