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Clarity Instrument - PDA

PDA Method on Instrument

PDA Extension will add new features to the standard Clarity interface. Any Instrument within Clarity station can use the PDA Extension. The new PDA Method tab will be acessible from the Instrument window in the same way like all standard parts of the template method.

PDA Method

PDA Method

The Clarity PDA method includes an option for Spectral Library Search and Peak Purity analysis.

PDA View

PDA View

The PDA Window displays four views organized in splitters. Currently displayed in the example are: Isoplot, Chromatogram, Spectral, 3D Display The user can additionaly select also Peak Purity, Peak Purity Spectra, Library Spectra Search and Spectral Library.

Report Setup - PDA Results

PDA Report Setup


The report setup selects which parts of the PDA results will be printed. The print formating is WYSIWYG - what you see on the screen (graphs, table formating etc. will be printed.


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