GPC Extension - Screenshots

Instrument - GPC mode

GPC Instrument

The GPC Extension is an optional extension for the Clarity Chromatography Station (from version 2.3) and Clarity Offline. GPC mode can be selected for any Clarity Instrument within a station. The same chromatograms can be evaluated in both standard and GPC modes

Chromatogram - Broad on Narrow

Chromatogram - Broad Narrow

Molecular weight distribution graphs. Overlay: Simultaneously displays a virtually unlimited number of chromatograms. Overlay of dW/d logM vs log M and cumulative height graphs.

Chromatogram - MW Distribution

GPC - MW Distribution

K & Alpha

K and Alpha

GPC Sequence

GPC Sequence

Report Setup

GPC Report Setup

User selectable report sections and WYSIWYG formating of Graphs and Tables.


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