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Instrument window - EA mode

EA Instrument

Instrument window is a control center for the whole process of data acquisition and evaluation.
The Information Table displays the processed sample: Name, applied template method, acquisition mode, etc.
The Status Line indicates the current state of the analysis: elapsed time and state.
The Analysis-processing Diagram provides icons for fast access to every process of the whole procedure. It starts with Sample Table and through the measurement conditions

EA Sequence

EA Sequence

The EA Sequence enables to compose the sequence, control its processing and atomatize the creation of printed outputs. With attached Analytical balance (Mettler or Sartorius) the sample weght can be entered by a mouseclick. Each sequence will automatically create its corresponding calibration and method files.

Get Weight


The EA Extension allows for direct interface with the analytical balance (Sartorius and Mettler).
After weighing the sample, the operator presses the print key on the balance (or uses software instruction) to directly transfer the sample weight to the software sample information field thereby eliminating any possible transcription errors.

Sample Table

Sample Table

The Standard Table stores predefined values for commonly used standards.
The table can be edited to add other standards or to delete the unused ones.

Chromatogram - Summary Table

Summary Table

The Chromatogram window can overlay multiple chromatograms for visual review of their graphs (marks "1" and "2").
The Summary Table (mark "3") displays results for all overlaid chromatograms (e.g. all chromatograms from a sequence). The Summary Table can be easily customized to display the desired information in a suitable layout. This can be done by right clicking the table and selecting the Summary Options (mark "4")? or Setup Columns (mark "5") commands.


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