EA Extension - Main features

Main Features Clarity software with EA Extension for Elemental Analysis can acquire data from any elemental analyzer that is based on the combustion/gas chromatography technique and is equipped with analog data output.


Simplified work with template method and calibration. One setting is shared for all samples in the same sequence.

Standard Table

For your convenience, the software contains Standard Table with a list of the most commonly used calibration standards and their elemental composition.


Clarity EA supports the printing of user defined protocols. Its configuration is saved in a report style, which defines the content and form through the printout. Protocols can be printed to the PDF file.

Analytical balance

The Clarity Elemental Analysis Software provides direct interface with the analytical balance (Sartorius and Mettler). After weighing the sample, the operator presses the print key on the balance (or uses software instruction) to directly transfer the sample weight to the software sample information field thereby eliminating any possible transcription errors.

Sequence Table

Measurement is managed using the Sequence Table. The Summary Table displays results clearly. ASCII and AIA data formats can be exported or imported directly.


Results can be exported in the .txt and .dbf format.


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