CE Extension - Main Features

Main features

The CE Extension provides three main changes comparing ro the standard Clarity version.

  • CE specific terminology
  • Evaluation by time corrected area
  • Peak identification by peak start or end (additionally to peak apex).
  • Additional calculations


CE specific terminology

The terms used in chromatography mode were substituted by those used in CE CE terms substitution:

Default mode CE mode
Chromatogram Electropherogram
Retention time (RT) Migration Time (MT)
Column Capillary
Mobile Phase Electrolyte
Flow Rate Power supply
Pressure Injection Mode

Separation parameters

Method Setup allows a user to adjust the Capillary Setting:

  • Total Capillary Length
  • Length of the capillary.
  • Effective Capillary Length
  • Effective capillary length from injection end to the detector position
  • Separation Voltage
  • Separation voltage. Allows you to enter also negative values
  • Reference Peak Mobility
  • Effective mobility of the EOF reference peak.


The Result Table contains additional columns containing calculations:

  • Apparent Mobility
  • Effective Mobility

See the CE Extension manual to overview all functions and calculation formulas.

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