Preparative chromatography - screenshots


FC GP CHromatogramCollected fractions will be indicated in the chromatogram together with the events that triggered the fraction collecting or waste collecting. FC Result table lists all fractions for easy review.

Device Monitor

Fraction collector - device monitor windowThe Fraction Collector monitor displays online information about the progress of the fraction collecting, such as Current Vial Number and collected volume. Fraction collector control can be stopped from this window.

Method Setup - Fraction Table

Fraction collector - method setup - fraction tableThe Clarity PDA method includes an option for Spectral Library Search and Peak Purity analysis.

Method Setup - Vial Numbers

Fraction collector - Method setup - Vial numbers

This dialog sets the method for the fraction collecting

Report preview

Fraction collector - print previewThe print formating is WYSIWYG - what you see on the screen (graphs, table formating etc. will be printed).

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