Clarity Offline - Main features

Main Features

Main Features

Clarity Offline provides all the functions of Clarity Software except for data acquisition and control of intstruments.
The software works with the same files and enables the same outputs (printing and exporting) as the Clarity station.

Check the features of Clarity software.

21CFR Part 11 compliance

When used together with Clarity, Clarity Offline contains all functions, Electronic Signatures, User Accounts, Audit Trail, etc. for compliance with the 21-CFR Part 11 directive of the FDA. Clarity Offline can be used for offline evaluation in regulated environments.

See the Clarity 21CFR Part 11 compliance details.

Networked Solution

Clarity Offline can access files of Clarity software (Clarity, and Clarity Lite) installed on networked computers, as well as data files from other chromatography software programs. This enables offline evaluation of chromatograms, developing of new methods, printing reports.

Clarity offline uses:

Additional PCs in the laboratory

Clarity Offline can access the acquired data from Clarity software over a local network, as well as text and EZChrom ASCII and .chr files. It is also possible to prepare methods stored in the projects shared between multiple network users.


An additional field of use is in education: Students can prepare projects and then easily access them from Clarity (or other chromatography software) connected to a chromatograph.

Offsite computer

Clarity Offline can be installed on any Windows computer, giving you anytime access to your  chromatographic data.

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