What is the difference between Serial Number (S/N) and User Code (U/C)?

  • S/N format is XX-XXXXX

Serial Number (S/N) is a 7 digit number that represents the serial number of the station. S/N is always required when you ask for technical support at support@dataapex.com. S/N is saved in the HW key and is permanent (i.e. does not change with the Clarity configuration change). Last 5 digits extended most often by 40.000 correspond to the number written on the HW key itself. Prefix usually differentiates OEM versions, e.g. Clarity Offline has 98-xxxxx number format.

  • U/C format is X(X)-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

User Code (U/C) is a 16 or 17 digit (one or two letter prefix) code formed from letters and numbers that unlocks specific Clarity configuration. It defines how many instruments (1-4), what controls (GC, LC, AS) and extensions (PDA, MS, SST, GPC, etc.) should be available (accessible) inĀ  Clarity. User Code is always unique for the corresponding HW key and station configuration. U/C might be variable and changes whenever the customer purchase additional instrument, control or extension. When configuration is changed you need to set the new U/C (given usually via email) in Clarity Help - User Code... dialog. We also recommend to update your station to the latest version of the software. Update is free of charge, you just need to be registered before downloading. Installation file is placed on our website (www.dataapex.com ), in section downloads - Full versions.

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