Applying a calibration to a chromatogram

If the calibration file was not assigned in the template method, the measured chromatogram will not have it linked either. Here you will learn how to link a calibration file to a chromatogram.

  1. Switch to the Results tab at the bottom part of the Chromatogram window.

  1. Check whether the Calibration File (Peak Table) field is set to (None). If that is the case, then the chromatogram does not have a calibration file linked to it.
  2. Also check the Compound Names in the Result Table section. This column must be empty.
  3. To link the calibration file to the Chromatogram, click the Set… button in the right section of the Results tab. You will get a list of all calibrations available in the present project.
  4. Select the correct calibration file from the list and click OK. The content of the Chromatogram window will change.

  1. Check that the Calibration File (Peak Table) field contains the name of the calibration file.
  2. The Compound Name column in the Result Table, as well as the identified peaks in the graph , will now have the names of the identified peaks from the calibration file.
  3. Check the Calculation field to see the type of calculation performed on the chromatogram.
  4. Save the chromatogram: select File - Save or click .