Set of commands for operations with peaks. All commands can also be invoked using icons from the Peak toolbar.

All interval operation follows the rule that with Time B = 0 operation will be applied from Time A to the end of the chromatogram. With both Time A and Time B set to 0, operation is applied over the whole chromatogram.

Peak Toolbar

Show Displays hidden peaks on the selected time interval. Current baseline is applied. Available only if Wave Integration Algorithm is used.
Hide Hides all peaks on selected time interval. Baseline remains unchanged. Available only if Wave Integration Algorithm is used.
Start Shifts the peak beginning.
End Shifts the peak end.
Both Shifts the common point of two peaks.
Add Positive Creates a new positive peak.
Add Negative Creates a new negative peak.
Force Peak Name Forces the peak a new name from calibration.
Solvent Peak Marks the peak as solvent peak.
Peak Groups Invokes a dialog for working with groups of peaks.